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The Basics Of Printed Wedding Invitations

Printed wedding invitations are an important staple of your invitation ensemble, so you’ll want to choose the best quality and design for your specific needs. This includes considering the size and shape of the invitation — square invitations are very popular these days, but the shape doesn’t matter as much as personal preference — as well as paper stock and color options. Paper types include cardstock and linen, while colors include everything from reds to blues and more.

What Sort Of Paper Is Suitable For Wedding Invitations?

While you can use any type of paper for a wedding invitation, the most common are cardstock and textured paper. Cardstock, which is made from heavy-duty paper, is an affordable option that’s easy to find at large office supply stores and craft stores. The textured paper gives a more luxe feel and adds another dimension to your invitations.

What Are The Types Of Invitation Paper?

The Basics of Printed Wedding Invitations is a complete guide to the different types of wedding invitations – including where to shop, what to look for, and when you should use each style. This article will help you select the perfect type of invitation for your specific needs and budget.

  • Pearlized And Metallic Paper

Invitation Paper is a paper used for writing invitations, letters, and other formal documents. These papers are more expensive than ordinary writing paper due to the higher quality of their raw materials and chemicals used during manufacturing. Writing invitations on proper invitation paper will give an elegant touch to your event.

  • Birch Wood Veneer Paper

Birchwood veneer paper is suitable for folding cards and invitations. It is a nice, sturdy yet distinctly natural-looking paper with a rich texture that allows for design options like foil stamping or embossing. In addition to letterpress printing, it can be used in direct and digital printing as well as laser cutting.

  • Translucent Paper

Translucent paper is a translucent material that is commonly used for invitations, stationery, and greeting cards and invitations. Translucent paper can be made of plastic or paper. For example, plastic can be made of polypropylene (also called thermoforming), acetate, or vinyl. Paper is often made of cellulose acetate, which is derived from wood pulp and has excellent transparency, strength, and flexibility. The level of translucency can be adjusted by mixing with more transparent plastic parts.

  • Mulberry Paper

Mulberry Paper is a soft and luxurious shade of green with a hint of gray, perfect for all your invitation needs. Provides your message with a professional look and feel. Mulberry paper is environmentally friendly and made from 100% tree-free fiber (aka post-consumer fiber waste), which makes this paper completely sustainable.